Shockwave therapy (lithotripsy) is high intensity soundwaves that cause microtrauma to a sight in order to increase blood flow and growth factors to that area. We use this therapy for bone problems (fractures, cysts), muscles (tears, soreness), and tendon/ligament injuries. Shockwave is used for acute injuries, such as a suspensory tear, as well as a chronic problem, such as neck or back arthritis pain. Each doctor carries a shockwave machine in their truck.

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Both doctors offer mesotherapy for back and neck pain in horses. This process involves injecting medication just under the skin with several small needles (see pictures). This is a very effective technique for managing chronic pain and is less invasive and requires very little down time. In cases of chronic back pain, the superficial nerves get wound up, making pressure form the best-fitting saddle uncomfortable. Mesotherapy breaks the pain cycle and re-wires the nerves to reduce pain and allow the horse to engage their muscles properly for rehab.

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Eye Care

Eye problems such as corneal ulcers and uveitis are painful and frustrating conditions to treat. Dr. Pastrana treats most eye problems in the field and enjoys using ultrasound to look within the globe itself. She also carries a tool to test pressure within the eye. If you are concerned about your horse’s vision, we are happy to schedule a complete eye exam in the comfort of your horse’s barn.

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Therapeutic Shoeing

Therapeutic shoeing is an invaluable tool to increase the horse’s comfort level and performance. We work with highly qualified farriers who will optimize your horses athletic ability and decrease the chances of injury. Bio-mechanically, corrective shoeing will improve lameness and reduce the stress on the structure that is injured.

Please click on the Grand Circuit link to learn more about therapeutic horseshoes: Grand Circuit

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Regenerative Therapies

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a regenerative therapy created from your horse’s own blood. We take blood from the horse and process it to isolate the healing parts, which are then injected into the injury site directly.

Prostride is a combination of PRP and IRAP. We use this product primarily for joints with osteoarthritis or cartilage damage. This is an excellent option for metabolic horses with joint problems who cannot be injected with routine steroids. This is also ideal for performance horses with strict drug testing rules whose jobs put high stress on their joints.

Stem cell: We offer two options for stem cell therapy; we can use your horse’s own bone marrow and process it stall side, or we can order stem cells to be shipped in.

Anicell is a regenerative product from amnion that can be used for soft tissue injuries, joint problems, and wounds.

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