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​​​​​Both of our doctors are members of ISELP (International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology). They attend this organization's international courses on lameness and bio-mechanics of the horse  in order to improve their diagnostic abilities and rehabilitation protocols. 

Diana Pastrana, DVM

Michael Sorum, DVM MVetSc DABVP (Equine)

​Dr. Sorum earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Cal Poly University. He then earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University.  He has been in practice for over 30 years, treating equine lameness and performance issues.  He is also Board Certified in Equine Practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.  He continues to update his skills by attending continuing education courses around the country and abroad so that he can better serve his clients and patients. 

Dr. Sorum has also earned a Master’s degree in Conservation Medicine from the University of Edinburgh.  He is a past President of the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association.  In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering at Liberty Wildlife and spending time with his four dogs - Blue, Smiley, Shorty, and Buddy.

Dr. Pastrana is an Arizona native who earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University.  Prior to that, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness degree from Arizona State University.  She enjoys working on most species of animals and has spent time spay/neutering dogs in Mexico, as well as assisting sheep and goat farmers on the Navajo Nation. 

Growing up, Dr. Pastrana competed in horse shows in a variety of disciplines.  This has helped her to understand the challenges faced by owners of performance horses.  She also enjoys trail riding with her Quarter Horse, Chip.  A few years ago, she found a stray Pitbull during a farm call, and he has since become her faithful companion. 

A.I. Certified &  BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified.